Enriching Lives.
Enhancing Business.

Home. It’s where most everyone wants to live.

Enriching Lives. Enhancing Businesses.

The Desire:
Most people want to continue living at home as age progresses.
The Problem:
Tripping, safety concerns, and worries often prevent this desire from being realized, and people end up in assistive facilities.
The Solution:
We are Certified Aging in Place Technology Specialists!
  • Keeping you safe inside the home
  • Staying connected with family and friends
  • Providing safety while traveling in town and across the country

In-home solutions

  • Establish a baseline for knowing how Mom or Dad
    normally goes about a regular day and night
  • Notify whomever you wish for abnormal activities
  • Provide notifications to emergency officials if needed

Mobile solutions

  • Always a comforting voice on the other end of the line
  • Provide fast and accurate location determination
  • Can be worn in the shower
  • Only one button to call for help
  • Simple, easy and quick
  • Works at home and away from home

Two Main Benefits of working with us:

  • For the loved one:
    • The freedom, independence, and happiness of continuing to live where they wish without worry
  • For family members:
    • Being able to breathe easier knowing that a loved one is well, safe, and taking care of themselves
    • Peace of mind in knowing if something happens, someone is notified

Why Trust Us?

  • We are a Certified Aging-in-Place specialist
  • We have as our top priority keeping a loved one safely in their home and out of an institution
  • We concentrate on the prevention of problems
  • We are prompt, professional and caring
  • We provide personal one-on-one attention
  • We have served and gained the trust of clients since 1988
  • We use the most advanced technology available
  • We can provide solutions for you and your family

Call us today to learn how we can enrich the life of your loved one as well as your own!